Eagle premium


Eagle Col Premium Plus Is A Premium high Quality synthetic resin based adhesive, it is suitable for major wood works as well as handicrafts based wood, paper products, furniture and other joinery applications.


    • Appearance : Milky White Emultion
    • Viscosity at 30deg : 250 to 300 poise
    • pH : 5-5.5
    • Solid Content : 44-46%
    • Density at 30deg : 1.05-1.07 gr/c.c
    • Coverage : 50-55 sq.ft/kg

Bonding Strength

  • Wood to Wood : Min 275 kgs/cm2
  • Wood to Laminate : Min 275 kgs/cm2
  • Film Formation : Fine


Application Areas

  • For Playwood decorative laminates
  • Furniture
  • Wall paper
  • Sports goods
  • Book Binding
  • Also Ideal for craft and major plywood laminate works.

How To Use

Surface to be bonded should be free from oil, grease,dust,dirt and should be dry and leveled properly.Stir the material well before use. Apply thin layer of adhesive on both sides for hard wood and on one side for soft wood.Press firmly both the surfaces tightly with clips.Excess adhesive should be cleaned with wet cloth. For better results keep the bonded surfaces under pressure of 24 hours.


  • Container Should be closed tightly after use.
  • Remove The Skin Formation From The Surface Before Use.


  • Excellent Bond Strength on all types of wood
  • Solvent free,Non-frammable and Non-hazardous
  • Free from offensive odour.
  • If required, it can be diluted with clean water till applicability is achieved ( max 5 %)

Shelf Life:

  • 24 months from the date of manufacturing.


  • Store in cool & dark place away from sunlight


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