Eagle Cement Primer

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Directions For Use:

New Surface: Allow all new Surface to dry out completely

Existing Surface: Make sure the Surface is smooth and free from loose or powdery particles by scraping.

Application Method : Once the wall is smooth and dry,apply 1 coat of Eagle Water Base Cement Primer by thinning 1ltr of primer with 1ltr of water.Allow the Eagle wall primer to dry for 4 hours Fill up minor cracks and detects with the crack filler or equivalent putty.After drying putty completely,then sand with emery paper to smoothen the surface.Now apply 2nd coat of Eagle Cement primer with time gap of 4 to 6 hours on the puttied surface.


Health & Environmental Information: Store container in upright position,with lid tightly closed in a cool or dry place.Keep out of reach of children and away from food.


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